Revenge of the Vegetarian 

A Ridiculously

Twisted Look at


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This Hilarious Book by Jim Tilberry Will Make You Laugh   So Hard the Soy Milk Will Come Out of Your Nose 

Revenge of the Vegetarian is an amusing, irreverent, and often hilarious book that covers a range of topics. The author has his tongue firmly planted in cheek, while taking humorous jabs at a variety of easy targets. Get a silly lesson on how to deal with meat eaters in social situations. Read surprisingly funny interviews with famous dead vegetarians such as Gandhi, Socrates, and Ben Franklin. You'll even get a comical look at how the English language would change if an overly zealous vegetarian politician got his way. "Revenge" pokes fun at vegetarians, vegans, liberals and conservatives. But it pokes the most fun at meat eaters. This short entertaining book is ideal for any vegetarian or vegetarian wannabe with a sense of humor.

Readers Love "Revenge"

"Every page is worth its weight in veggies. . . a wonderful book I could not put down.  I could not stop laughing."

Sandy Mertens, Green Bay WI

"I laughed all the way through.  The author has a wonderful sense of humor and his writing style rocks."

Lori Hart, West Jordan, UT

"Truly unique, wacky, and laugh-out-loud funny"

Julia Fortney, This Dish Is Veg

"Tilberry's jabs and jests in Revenge of the Vegetarian are aimed at both the meat-eating and vegetarian public in this comedic masterpiece"

Jessica Harlow, Lisbon Falls, ME

"Not only are his words hilarious, but the illustrations are just as funny"

Belinda Harrington, Woodstock, GA

"If you're a lover of funny, witty or sarcastic -- this is for you. . . if not, try it anyway.  It's so completely funny that I find it hard to believe most people won't love it."

Shannyn Ciborowski, West Warren, MA

"It is a non-stop ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) book that any vegetarian (or anyone with a sense of humor) can relate to.  I was hooting and hollering all the way to the produce section."

Jennifer Whedon, Topeka, KS

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Jim Tilberry is also the author of  Coffee Dates From Hell.  Many of these fictional dates are disasters from the beginning.  Others are destined to be train wrecks if the two people ever see each other again.  This funny book is often silly, irreverent, and politically incorrect.  But it’s a lot of fun!  Read about it on Amazon.

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